'navigating government' workshops

Millwood Consulting understands government – its people and decision-making processes  and how best to influence them.

With extensive experience working with politicians in government and opposition, as well as parliamentary committees and the bureaucracy, Millwood Consulting understands how to position organisations, develop relationships, and work with decision makers to influence policy settings, promote organisations’ interests and achieve concrete outcomes.

Millwood Consulting offers tailored 'Navigating Government' workshops for Boards and staff of non-government and not-for-profit organisations.

'Navigating Government' workshops develop technical capacity within organsations to:

  • identify and engage key decision-makers affecting their policy area and objectives – including Ministers, MPs and Senators, political staffers and bureaucrats
  • identify and leverage opportunities to influence public policy outcomes – through political, parliamentary and bureaucratic processes including electoral, policy and budget cycles, parliamentary processes and policy submissions
  • manage organisational systems for expanding impact and effective advocacy